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Research Shows Wine, Chocolate & Tea Improve Brain Performance

Research Shows Wine, Chocolate & Tea Improve Brain Performance

Good news just in time for the Lake Chelan Valley Red Wine & Chocolate Tour! According to an article in the International Business Times, new research shows that consumers of wine, chocolate and tea performed significantly higher on tests and had lower prevalence of poor cognitive performance than those who do not indulge. The study was conducted by Oxford’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and published in the Journal of Nutrition. The researchers link their findings to flavanoids, although they caution that more testing is needed to verify the connection. Evidence does point to wine having pronounced effects. Read the article here.

So come enjoy award-winning red wines and new wine releases paired with a variety of chocolate delights this weekend February 19 & 20 at the Lake Chelan Red Wine And Chocolate event and improve your brain performance. Wine specials will be available throughout the event.

Each winery will pair their chocolate worthy red wines with unique artisan chocolates.

Lake Chelan Wineries will be setting a ambiance just for you this weekend. This event only happens once a year so be sure to visit our local wineries to taste one of a kind lake Chelan Wines, and fantastic chocolates!

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